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Gone are the days of doubt and anxiety.

In their place lies a sanctuary of calming experiences.

Be present. Mindful. Curious.

Leave the complex to us.

Because when you rethink how you live,

You’ll re-encounter the world as you know it.

So free yourself and be you.

Just as nature intended.

Mindful Beauty
– Minding Your Skin, The Best Beauty Treatment Yet

The idea of beauty evolves and modern beauty simply means mindful beauty. Acknowledging the artifice of unrealistic standards allows focus on relating to ourselves in a different, healthier way. Critical scrutiny is out, and skin health is in!

Mindful beauty is authentic and kind. It is not critical of self nor obsessed over flaws. Instead of fighting against skin, it listens. It protects the skin barrier from irritation, infections and dehydration. And the skin naturally rewards with kindness – clarity, even and smooth texture, smaller pore size. Discover the best version of yourself, just as nature intended.

Nature-Derived Skincare Formulas
- Spanning Japan, Denmark & UK

We do not compromise on cost nor steps. We only formulate highly efficacious products with optimal skin feel. We are obsessively careful in selecting quality ingredients that have well-defined safety profiles from across the globe.

Our products are suitable for all skin types: they’re safety tested, non-irritating, and non-comedogenic. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to always try a small amount of a new skincare product in a discreet area in the very rare event of individual allergies / sensitivities.