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Japanese White Turmeric-
From Waste to Wonder


Brightens Skin

Inhibits melanin activity by 88%

Firms & Tightens

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Collagen Production

With Vitamin C:
A natural antioxidant

Rapid Absorption Rate

Lipodisq® Dermal Delivery System


Reduces dryness by protecting hyaluronic acid

Improves Skin

Makes skin soft, supple and reduces pore size 

1,000 Women Experience
Significant Improvements


Customers Feel Penetration
To Skin In 10 Seconds


Satisfaction Rate


Experienced Smoother,
More Supple Skin Texture


Noticed More
Even Skin Tone


Lightened Pigmentation


Pore Size Reduction


"Love that the serum gets absorbed quickly into my skin. Not only that, but you can really feel it tighten after each application. Definitely belongs in the top shelf!"

- Fiona Ting

"My skin feels renewed and I feel more confident to go out without make up. My face gets brighter every day after continuous use!"

- Cherene Chan

"Serum was absorbed so quickly. I find the fine lines around my eye area has improved too. And my makeup stays for a longer period of time with my face feeling less oily."

- Chen Shu Huey

The Japanese White Turmeric plant grew ornamentally, forming part of the picturesque scenery that surrounds stunning Mount Aso. The flowers were picked for its beauty and long lasting properties, and its leaves were discarded as agricultural waste at every yearly harvest.

All that changed when a farmer sought help from Professor Komai, then Head of Agriculture from famed Kindai University, nearly 15 years ago. His single mindful step resulted in a big impact. It was uncovered that this rare Japanese White Turmeric plant’s leaf and root extract have the ability to slow the breakdown of hyaluronic acid present in our skin, while stimulating cellular activity and collagen production for a dramatically firmer and more supple skin texture.

Re-encountering Nature has led to the mindful formulation of RE:ERTH’s all-star Multi-Targeted Elixir.

Q&A with RE:ERTH’s founder and CEO,
Shinji Yamasaki

How long did the product development take?

The process was long and elaborate. It took 3 years of craftsmanship, chemistry and technology to put out our Multi-Targeted Elixir. I see it as our responsibility to formulate unique, thoughtful and innovative products that will accompany modern women through many seasons of their lives.

Why formulate a serum? Is using a serum necessary in my skincare routine?

Serums allow intensive concentrations of active ingredients to be delivered, maximizing benefits in addressing specific concerns. In Multi-Targeted Elixir’s case, multiple benefits such as skin brightening, even skin tone, blemish control, collagen production to plump skin and reduce pore size.

Multi-Targeted Elixir is also presented in a light aqueous texture that comfortably and rapidly slips into skin, for users to enjoy the gentle, pleasant experience, day and night.

What are the other active ingredients in the Multi-Targeted Elixir that provide the above benefits?

Japanese White Turmeric Leaf and Root Extract, Spring Turmeric Leaf Extract and APPS (trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate) a unique, stabilized form of Vitamin C, are encapsulated within the Lipodisq® delivery system, nourishing your skin with each application.