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Nature-Derived Formulas. University-Backed Science.

Dedicated to quality and made for modern living, our formulas focus on skin health, providing re:generation, hydration, and calm.

Our Exclusive
Japanese Turmerics

Grown on our farms in the Kyushu region of Japan, the rare Japanese White Turmeric holds the key to clear, healthy skin that is effortlessly beautiful.


Japanese White Turmeric

Founded at the foot of Mount Aso, and now grown exclusively in the Kyushu region of Japan, this unique plant has been researched in partnership with Kindai University for close to two decades.


It has been identified to have multiple skin and health benefits, and more applications of the plant extract are still being discovered to this day. Its leaf and root extract contain 4 main active components.

natural hyaluronic acid protection
stimulate Cell Production
Gives skin a firmer, supple Texture

Japanese Spring Turmeric

Spring Turmeric has been used for centuries in Kampo (Japanese medicine), for both prevention and therapy of health and skin diseases. Research is ongoing for further possibilities in skincare.


This patented ingredient has four distinct components which work together to effectively suppress tyrosinase activity, a melanin precursor, to restore brightness, glow and clarity.

Inhibit tyrosinase activity
Lighten hyperpigmentation
Gives skin a clearer, brighter, and more even texture


From egg whites.

An antimicrobial enzyme most commonly found in human tears, saliva and mucus. Discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1922, Lysozyme is able to destroy blemish-causing bacteria for clearer pores. Able to destroy Gram-positive bacteria by breaking down their cell wall as illustrated below.


Breakdown of gram-positive bacteria cell wallby Lysozyme


NAM : N-acetylmuramic acid, NAG : N-acetylglucosamine

2 Major Categories of Bacteria


Rich in Immunoglobulin.

Also known as Mothers’ Milk, our Colostrum is taken from Danish cows. This ingredient is rich in immunoglobulin with anti-bacterial effects, and contains Vitamins B and E. Also contains moisture-locking properties to strengthen and invigorate skin cells.

Contains all 5 classes of immunoglobulins, but is mainly comprised of Immunoglobulin G (IgG).


Barrier Control's Patented Breakthrough Technology

Secretory component protects our IgG from destruction when used on mucosal surfaces. Protected IgG, along with Lysozyme, rapidly destroys blemish-causing bacteria.

Water soluble Vitamin A

Patented, proven safe for sensitive skin with no redness or irritation.
Vitamin A causes remarkable improvements in and on the skin. However, standard oil soluble versions are known to be irritants, and can cause redness, sensitivity, and must be avoided under sunlight.

By stimulating collagen production, Water Soluble Vitamin A helps the skin achieve elasticity and firmness, without the side effects of other Vitamin A.
Clinical tests* have shown that Water Soluble Vitamin A penetrates the individual layers of the skin 60 times better than fat-soluble Vitamin A, causing skin surface and skin texture to become more smooth and refined.  

The study was presented on the Nordic Symposium on Focus on the Anti-ageing Treatment of the Skin in Oslo in March 1993.


Internal Study for Skin Thickness & Elasticity

*Internal study, Professor Allan Lassus of the Institute for Dermatological and Venereological Research, Helsinki Research Centre (1990).

3 Months Clinical Test Results of Water Soluble Vitamin A

*Clinical tests with 20 women with average age of 50 years; Published in: Erling Thom, Ph.D., Medstat Research Ltd., 2001 Lillestrom, Norway. Skintreatment with two different galenical formulations of Retinyl Palmitate in humans. Journal of Applied Cosmetology 11, 71-76.

RE:ERTH Exclusive

Japanese White Turmeric Leaf
& Root Extract


Kyushu, Japan

Scientific Name

Curcuma Zedoaria

Main Components

Curcumenone, Curcarabranol, 4s-Dihydrocurcumenone and Labdane-type Diterpene


firms & tightens skin
, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, reduces pore size, makes skin soft & supple, reduces dryness by protecting Hyaluronic Acid

100% Inhibition in the Degradation of Hyaluronic Acid (In-Vitro)

*Research conducted by the Kindai University, Japan

Stimulation Of Cell Reproduction Up To 61%

RE:ERTH Exclusive

Japanese Spring Turmeric Leaf Extract


Kyushu, Japan

Scientific Name

Curcuma Aromatica

Main Components

Curcumenone, Curudione, Neocrudione, Curcumol


Brightens skin tone
, evens skin tone, lighten pigmentation, lighten acne scarring & reduce redness

Effectively Suppresses Tyrosinase Activity, A Melanin Producer

Inhibits Melanin Activity By 88%, Causing A Brightening Effect

*Research conducted by the Kindai University, Japan


Scientific Name

Trisodium Ascorbyl 6-Palmitate 2-Phosphate


High stability from oxidation, released intra-dermally as Ascorbic Acid, penetrates skin due to low hydrophilicity, soluble both in oil and water

Wrinkle Improvements by APPS


A patented, state of the art dermal delivery system, researched by Oxford University, Stockholm University, Max Plank Institute, and many others, and designed to transport actives between skin cells more than 10 times in comparison to normal liposomes, bringing actives where its most effective.

Electron microscope image of Lipodisq® (x100 000)
(Birmingham University, JACS 2009)

PhytoflORAL® Pure 0908 Fine
(Golden Yellow Tomato)

PhytoflORAL® from non-GMO, yellow-golden tomato fruit – a specially bred and cultivated tomato to contain high phytoene & phytofluene levels. Dehydrated, powdered, and a source of phytoene, phytofluene and zeta-carotene, vitamin E and phytosterols. No extraction process, no chemicals, and no additives are involved in this process. By taking colourless carotenoids which stay in your skin and absorb UV A and B before causing damages to your skin and prevents new melanin formation. It will work systemically all over your body.

Phyto(flu)ene can block triggers and inhibit melanin synthesis.

RE:ERTH Exclusive

Japanese Spring Turmeric Root Extract


Kyushu, Japan


Curcuma Aromatica

Main Components

Curcumenone, Curudione, Neocrudione, Curcumol

Effectively Suppresses Tyrosinase Activity, A Melanin Producer

Inhibits Melanin Activity By 88%, Causing A Brightening Effect

*Research Conducted By Kindai University, JAPAN

Artonox® (Monkey Jack Heartwood Extract) & Oxyresveratrol

Proven to be 150x stronger than Resveratrol and 32x stronger than Kojic Acid. 3 main effects include strong inhibition of melanogenesis, high tyrosinase inhibition, and broad-spectrum antioxidant. Significantly fades dark spots and promotes a brighter, and more even complexion.

More Powerhouse Ingredients


Ability to increase carotenoid absorption by 60%

BioPerine® is made from black pepper, a natural bioavailability enhancer for increased absorption of nutrients.

Cherry Blossom Flower Extract

Transforming dull, uneven skin tone to healthy, more luminous skin.

Its bioactive components are proven anti-glycation agents, and inhibits the production of AGEs to promote collagen formation in fibroblasts, increasing skin resilience.

CocoBetaine & AG8

Derived from coconuts

Enriched with amino acids that help maintain skin elasticity and enhance suppleness while clarifying the skin


Tetrapeptide that fights puffy eye bags

Realigns and stops the cross-linking of collagen fibers to increase blood flow


Patented and exclusive glycoproteins derived from Colostrum in Danish cows

Activates and stimulates fibroblast growth, which is responsible for collagen formation and regeneration of the skin