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Nature-Derived Formulas, powered by University-Backed Science.

Dedicated to quality and made for modern living, our formulas focus on skin health, providing regeneration, hydration, and calm.

Our Exclusive
Japanese Tumerics

Grown in our farms in the Kyushu region of Japan, the rare Japanese White Turmeric holds the answer to achieving clear, healthy skin for foundation-free days.


Japanese White Tumeric

Founded at the foot of Mount Aso, and now grown exclusively in the Kyushu region of Japan, this unique plant has been researched in partnership with Kindai University for nearly 15 years.


It has been identified to have multiple skin and health benefits, and more applications of the plant extract are still being discovered till today. Its leaf and root extract contain 4 main components: Curcumenone, Curcarabranol, 4s-Dihydrocurcumenone and Labdane-type Diterpene.

natural hyaluronic acid protection
stimulate Cell Production
Gives skin a firmer, supple Texture

Japanese Spring Tumeric

Spring Turmeric has been used for centuries in Kampo (Japanese medicine), for both prevention and therapy of health and skin diseases, and research is still ongoing for further applications in skincare.


This patented ingredient has four distinct components: Curcumenone, Curudione, Neocurudione and Curcumol working together to effectively suppress tyrosinase activity, a melanin producer, to give brightness, glow and clarity

More Powerhouse Ingredients


Highly stable, amphiphilic, Vitamin C

Penetrates the skin to stimulate collagen synthesis and brightening of the skin


Patented, dermal delivery system

Designed to transport actives between skin cells more than 10 times in comparison to normal liposomes

Water Soluble Vitamin A

Unique, patented and exclusive side-effect free Vitamin A

Penetrates the skin and signal the cells to regenerate from within, encouraging increased elasticity and skin thickness


Patented and exclusive glycoproteins derived from Colostrum in Danish cows

Activates and stimulates fibroblast growth, which is responsible for collagen formation and regeneration of the skin

Turmeric Root Extract

Spice & Herbal Medicine

Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that combats wrinkles, loss of firmness and radiance

CocoBetaine & AG8

Derived from coconuts

Enriched with amino acids that help maintain skin elasticity and enhance suppleness while clarifying the skin


Mothers’ Milk from Danish Cows

Rich in immunoglobulin with anti-bacterial effects, and contains Vitamins B and E. Helps lock in moisture to strengthen and invigorate skin cells


Tetrapeptide that fights puffy eye bags

Realigns and stops the cross-linking of collagen fibers to increase blood flow