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*Our partner is in the process of certifying our site in accordance with the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus Standards, which will be completed by the end of this year. ISCC Plus is a globally recognised sustainability framework that will ensure that RE:ERTH’s waste plastic’s oil is certified as a sustainable raw product that can be used to produce virgin-quality recycled plastics, thereby enabling plastic circularity in the industry.

Our proprietary ingredients like Japanese Spring Turmeric and Japanese White Turmeric are farmed sustainably

and just like how we are committed to preserving the land and ensuring the sustainability of our farming, we had to be 100% certain that we know exactly where our used bottles would go and how they would be recycled in the most sustainable way possible.


Co-Founder and CEO, RE:ERTH

We are excited to partner with RE:ERTH

because the plastic type does not matter to the technology we use, with the additional 100% resilience to organic contamination.


Founder and Managing Director, Environmental Solutions (Asia)


Recycling Post-Consumer Mixed Plastic Waste

Dismantling, washing and drying of used bottles is required
Lack of transparency on where used bottles go - potentially incinerated and sent to landfill for mixed plastics
No dismantling or washing required
Chemically recycled by local partner, reducing carbon cost
Landfill diversion and enhanced plastic circularity
Increased supply of sustainable fuel
Avoidance of virgin crude oil
Recycle with us

How To Participate

To facilitate your Petals crediting process, kindly do the following prior to drop off:

Ensure your skincare bottles are plastic and empty, before recycling with us!

No glass and aluminum are accepted. Drop them off at your nearest blue bin!

Take clear photo(s) of your recyclable(s)

Fill in the Recycling Form before visiting our Recycling Locations. P.S. Check out our instructional video on how to fill in the form here !

Note: with effect from May 2022, Reward Petals will only be given for RE:ERTH skincare products.